Osteopath Highgate

Are you searching for a professional osteopath in Highgate? TA Physio provides a range of osteopathic practices to help relieve your symptoms and eliminate pain as quickly as possible.

Osteopathy is a natural manual therapy which works with the structure and function of the body. At TA Physio we provide hands-on treatment, postural advice and exercise advice to help you get back to full health after suffering from lower back pain, neck pain or aching muscles.

We offer effective treatments for many specific injuries, postural issues and aches and pains as we understand how much of an effect the discomfort can have on your everyday life.

We can prevent your pain from returning through a range of treatment methods including soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, joint manipulation, joint articulation, posture and gait correction and bowen therapy. We also take into account external factors such as lifestyle, occupation and hobbies when it comes to prescribing you with a rehab programme that is bespoke to you.

At TA Physio in Highgate we take time to gather a detailed case history so we can figure out the underlying cause of symptoms by examining details of your past and present illness, your current medication and lifestyle. We will then work out the best treatment method for you to restore the function of your restricted movements and reduce the pain.

Our fully qualified osteopath, Greg Curylo, has experience working with athletes from various sports and is highly trained in Sports Massage Therapy, Fascial Manipulation, Bowen Technique, Kinesiotaping and Dry Needling. Greg will work with the aim to diagnose, treat, prevent and manage your injury.

So if you need an experienced osteopath in Highgate who can help improve your overall quality of life, book an appointment online or call us on 0333 121 6 121.