In the light of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and the shift away from office-based working, we’ve expanded our services to offer online workstation assessments which safeguard the wellbeing of individuals working from home.

Our qualified physiotherapists will connect with your employees over a Zoom video link so that we can:

  • understand the specific challenges of their home-working environment
  • note relevant physiological health conditions or concerns
  • make recommendations for practical changes to address current difficulties
  • advise on any treatment needed to ensure their ongoing wellness

We’ll thoroughly appraise their furniture and equipment, their posture, and the way they utilise their workspace.  A key element is the DSE (display screen equipment) assessment, which aims to mitigate and minimise the potential risks of using laptops, computers and tablets in the course of work.

We’ll ensure that you’re meeting your legal responsibilities as an employer and following best working practices.  At your request, we can arrange treatments and training where these are indicated.

Online appointments are 60 minutes long and include a written report via email, at a cost of £150 per person. For group packages, please contact us or 0333 1216121.