Soft Tissue Therapy Highgate

Are you searching for an experienced physiotherapist who can help you recover from an injury through soft tissue therapy in Highgate? At Tom Astley Physiotherapy we are committed to helping clients through their soft tissue problems and back to a level of activity through a range of soft tissue therapy options including trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and myofascial release.

We can help you reduce tension in your tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia by restoring their length and responsiveness and improving the tissue mobility. Our fully qualified physiotherapists can also assist with improving your circulation and reliving your pain through soft tissue therapy.

Initially, our soft tissue therapy services in Highgate start with a clear and thorough discussion to assess and identify the areas that need working on to ease movement, discomfort and dysfunction. We will use a manual technique that fits your needs to affect your muscles and other soft tissue areas that are an issue. Soft tissue therapy is the ideal solution to speed up your recovery as it supports the body’s natural healing process and is a successful way to restore your natural function and level of activity following an injury.

Soft tissue therapy is a great way to protect against potential future injuries and can aid rehabilitation, recovery and optimise movement patterns, which makes it an effective element to any training program.

Alongside your soft tissue therapy we can also offer a sports massage to help manipulate your muscles to ease your joint movement and relieve your discomfort. Our lead soft tissue therapist in Highgate has experience working with elite athletes and is committed to bringing that level of top class expertise to benefit every client.

So if you think soft tissue therapy is the best option for you, call our Highgate clinic on 0333 121 6 121, book an appointment online or contact us.