Welcome Greg – Osteopath

Welcome to TeamTAP Greg Curylo a qualified Osteopath – Greg is a great addition to our team and we are delighted he will be starting with us from Friday 8th October. 

It’s been a long term ambition to expand our services in TA Physiotherapy, and the addition of Greg to the team means we can now offer Osteopathy as part of the services in Team TAP.

A bit about Greg:

“I am GOsC registered Osteopath, graduated from the College of Osteopaths. Apart from osteopathy, I am qualified in Sports Massage Therapy, Fascial Manipulation, Bowen Technique, kinesiotaping and Dry Needling. I worked extensively with athletes from a variety of sports, including running, boxing, football, dancing, swimming, ice hockey, and body-building, also I have treated patients with acute and chronic pain, loss of movement associated with postural strain and sedentary office professions.

Before every treatment, I building a detailed picture of my patient based on their past or present illnesses, current medication, injuries and lifestyle. Together with detailed history, palpation, and various examinations, helping me recognise the source of the problem and choose an appropriate treatment method, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

As an osteopath, I need to be ready to treat any area of the body, however, my particular interest is neck and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

I looking forward to helping you come back to your beloved sport or activity.”

Please make Greg feel welcome and call to book in or book online via the button at the top of the page.

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