Q1. Can I see a physiotherapist during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We are still offering in-person appointments at our clinic in North London. We are taking all the appropriate precautions in line with the  government’s guidance. We will carry out a telephone COVID screen the day before your appointment, take your temperature on arrival and wear PPE.

Q2. What should I expect in a physiotherapy appointment?

During your appointment the therapist will take a thorough history of your injury through in-depth discussion and then assess the extent of your injury with specific movements and tests. We will then be able to advise, provide treatment and a thorough rehab plan.

Q3. What do physiotherapists treat?

As professionally registered physiotherapists, we assess and formulate treatment plans for all sports injuries, orthopaedic rehabilitation after surgery, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and any soft tissue injury.


We treat both old injuries and new acute injuries through a range of techniques and specific rehab programs.

Q4. Does treatment hurt and what contraindications exist?

We will ensure that your appointment is completed with the least amount of discomfort. The treatment techniques we use to help get healthy can be temporarily uncomfortable.


If you are pregnant or have ongoing other treatments, we can still treat you, please tell your therapist during consultation so that they can tailor your treatment to suit your needs.

Will my private health insurance cover the cost of treatment?

We are covered by most of the main private medical insurers including Bupa Cigna, Vitality, WPA and Simply Health to name a few.

In order to receive treatment, you will need to get an authorisation from your insurer, which will enable us to invoice them directly.


You may be liable for your policy excess, so please check with your insurer and arrange payment either with us or them.


Please let our call team know about your insurance membership number and authorisation code.


If you have cash plan, please pay for your appointment and we will provide a receipt for you to claim it back.

Q6. Do I need a GP’s referral to see you?

You do not need a GP referral, you can book to see us as a self-funding patient or with an authorisation code from your private healthcare provider.

Q7. Is there parking at the clinic?

We have parking available at Park Road Pools & Fitness, which can be paid for using the parking app.