Shockwave Therapy Highgate

Are you looking for a fully qualified physiotherapist in Highgate who can provide you with effective shockwave therapy Highgate to relieve your pain? At Tom Astley Physiotherapy we are here to help you recover from your injuries in a matter of 3-4 shockwave therapy appointments.

If you suffer from shoulder pain, hip pain, achilles tendon pain, tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis then shockwave therapy could be the answer to ease your pain. Shockwave therapy is such a successful solution as it increases your blood circulation to your area of discomfort before breaking down the stubborn fibrous scar tissue that has built up over time.

You shouldn’t leave an injury unattended as it can cause more damage and pain to the surrounding healthy tissue, the shockwave therapy in Highgate we offer can help you reduce your pain and assist you with making a full recovery back to a pre-injury level of activity.

Shockwave therapy works by having a shockwave energy being conducted from the point of origin to the discomforted area of your body where it applies fast and effective healing capabilities which include increasing circulation and stimulating cell regeneration.

Initially, we will assess your injury to make sure you are suitable for shockwave therapy before giving you a clear explanation of how shockwave therapy works and what will happen going forward. Our professional physiotherapist may also suggest a hands on therapy that can be beneficial to your rehabilitation.

Although there are no known side effects to shockwave therapy, rarely you may experience a mild pain or discomfort following your treatment that could last up to 24 hours.

We recommend 3-4 shockwave therapy appointments with our well tested, results heavy Lika Vario Pro machine for a good full recovery.

For more information on the shockwave therapy we offer in Highgate, call us on 0333 121 6 121, book an appointment online or contact us.