Soft Tissue Therapy Crouch End

If you are looking to relieve lower back pain or want to optimise your rehabilitation and movement then soft tissue therapy could be the ideal solution. At Tom Astley Physiotherapy in Crouch End we have extensive experience in soft tissue therapy for pain relief and to improve tissue mobility and joint flexibility. Soft tissue includes tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascia and treatments to help issues with soft tissue can involve trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and myofascial release.

Soft therapy can assist with multiple problems such as reducing tension by restoring its length and responsiveness,  as well as improving your circulation and increasing your performance to help with a full recovery.

All of our soft tissue therapy treatments begin with a clear in depth discussion to assess and identify what areas we need to work on to ease discomfort, movement or dysfunction. Our physiotherapists in Crouch End will use a manual technique that is suited to your needs to affect your muscles and other soft tissues that are causing a problem. As soft tissue therapy can speed up recovery through supporting your body’s natural healing process, it is an extremely effective way to restore your natural function following an injury.

Soft tissue therapy is an effective element for any training program and can help you with rehabilitation, recovery, optimise movement patterns and protect against potential future injuries. Some of the other benefits from soft tissue therapy are that it reduces muscle spasm, realigns scar tissue and improves lymphatic drainage.

We also offer sports massages as part of our soft tissue therapy to help manipulate your muscles to ease your joint movement.

Our lead soft tissue therapist in Crouch End has worked with professional athletes and is confident in bringing every client that same level of elite expertise to benefit your body.

For more information on how soft tissue therapy could be the solution for you, call us on 0333 121 6 121, book an appointment online or contact us.