What is scar work and how can it help?

Scar work is the brainchild of Sharon Wheeler; originally trained by Ida Rolf and with 40 years of experience, she brought scar work to the UK in 2014. 

We so often think of scars as what we can see, but what is on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg, as that same scarring runs down as deep as the injury/surgery was.  This is why, though keyhole surgery leaves only tiny external scars, there can still be a lot of internal scarring.

Everything in the body is connected by fascia which informs the model of biotensegrity – so a restriction in one area of the body can have multiple and sometimes seemingly unrelated impact throughout the system. With scar work, the aim is to facilitate the body to re-assimilate the scar tissue back in to the fascial network. This takes the strain off joints, vertebrae etc and allows for improved posture and movement. Releasing fascial restrictions around nerves can also assist in pain reduction or recover sensation. Research is ongoing into the power of this treatment but empirical evidence demonstrates it’s effectiveness.

You may be aware of your scar; 

  • Pulling as you move your body
  • Itching
  • Being painful
  • Being numb
  • Being unsightly 

Or you may have an ongoing issue in another part of your body and not been aware that scarring could be part of the problem. 

We can work on scars which are years old or much more recent. Scar work is light touch work so is gentle, painless and feels different for everyone; the therapist works with feedback from the client to adapt their touch accordingly. There is also an emotional component to this work as traumatic memory of the injury/surgery sometimes surfaces and this can reduce your internal stress levels and help with emotional balance.
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Gillian began soft tissue work as a massage therapist in 2018 before qualifying at level 5 from the renowned North London School of Sports Massage in 2019. As well as working with a wide variety of clients, she has been teaching there since.

Having herself come through injury and pain, she is passionate about empowering people to take ownership of their bodies and their recovery – whether they want to run a marathon or run for the bus. She is also a Sharon Wheeler Scar Work Therapist, a growth area as more is understood about how scars can impact whole-body movement.

So if you have scars that need soft tissue work or just some tightness in your tissues, I’m happy to help.